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Chaos to Clarity to Capital

My name is Simon Hedley and for more than two decades I’ve been working with Founders and CEOs – from their days as boot strapped startups, through challenging pivots to award winning success stories.

I come with over a decade of finance and banking experience that incorporates audit (Chartered Accountant PWC) through product control and development (Morgan Stanley, RBS) to structuring and investment management (ABN Amro, RBS).

I now provide a bespoke service to select Start Up Founders and Founder/CEOs covering the areas of service where I feel I can be of most value. This is focused primarily on monetization, cashflow, IP and generating opportunities.

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From Chaos to Clarity

The future is predictable.. it is full of opportunities and challenges. The simplest of ideas can quickly become chaotic, and in the ever connected transforming world keeping up to date and seeing the clear picture of what to prioritise and focus on is harder than ever.

We have a suite of services designed for your venture whichever of these stages you’re at.. Idea, MVP, Angel, Fully Funded.

From Clarity to Capital

Capital to enable and empower growth is available but entrepreneurs are often not ready to raise it and many ventures are not attractive to investors.

Yes the lack of capital can stop a business venture in its tracks.

Surprisingly, the more successful and the faster your company is growing the more likely it is that you will be short of working capital and will have a pressing need to raise it.

We’ve played a part in the journey of …




rewired state

young rewired state

Elbi Digital, Fuel Theatre, Rewired State, Young Rewired State, WebVenturer, WordTracker, MailFlow, Sellativity and many more…

And perhaps now you too..

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